Tools: inventory of your social media accounts and a moment of honest reflection

8:32 am: It’s my eighth time checking my phone this morning and work hasn’t even started.

Anyone with a smartphone is checking it constantly. According to most studies the average American will check their phone anywhere from 85-180 times per day. It’s even worse if you have one or more social media accounts with the constant notifications.

We are dedicating an enormous amount of time to creating, cultivating and  nurturing social media and digital identities. We check in, share and like constantly, but how much is the media doing for us?  Are we using Facebook or is Facebook using us? Do we need to watch an eleven year old prankster set fire to a garbage can or could we be putting out our own fires by staying on top of our goals?

Let’s start by using systems to refine our virtual presence, and we’ll begin with Facebook.

In the new year so many of us resolve to lose weight. Let’s trim that Fatty Facebook down to size with some simple steps.

#1 Sort that friend list. Unless you use Facebook just for family, well even family, and haven’t sorted them, you may have a serious issue. Sort your friends list by using the categories provided my FB, or creating your own categories and lists. Try:

  1. People who I like to hear from
  2. People who don’t need to know all my business
  3. People who I FB stalk occasionally

#2 Out with the old!  Are there some names on your list that you know are not really your friends, but you get a twinge of guilt when you think about what you need to do? Just say yes to the best. Uncheck that friend button for at least three people right now! It’s liberating. DO IT! Plus, if they don’t hit you back with a friend request or at least ask “What happened?,” you already know what it is.

#3  Find the Joy! Similar to the minimalist principle of holding onto only those household items that bring you joy, here’s an opportunity to do the same with your “friends.”  Create a list of people that bring you joy in what they post and who you truly want to share your  joys with in the new year!

*Note: just because you are family, doesn’t automatically guarantee you a spot on the Joy List….let’s be real.

System #1: SORT-OUT- JOY.  Finding ways to look for joy and curate  a sense of importance in what you are feeding into your timeline. Try it today. Do a 10 minute sort for joy. (FYI- You can do it for your contact list on your phone too!

We will be adding more systems and tips to help you gain traction this year. Happy sorting!

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