Get On With It!

I have a confession. I am a planner as in I plan, I research plans, I make plans, I write plans, I map out plans, I discuss plans, and I make cute, little binders with my plans. I love to plan, and it’s unconsciously easy for me to research and plan and then feel accomplished.


Planning is an important aspect of success, but it isn’t the actual success. Many of us pat ourselves on the back because we wrote out our SMART goals and put up the vision board. In three months, we’re scratching our heads wondering “Lord, why me?” as to why change hasn’t come.


My biggest need to actually reaching my goals isn’t having someone help me figure out how to get there. It’s someone with a megaphone yelling “Get on with it!” Although jarring, it’s true. Planning life isn’t living life. Planning to lose weight isn’t actually losing weight, and planning to transition careers isn’t actually changing careers.

Plans help us to take steps with more confidence because we “know” what we are doing next and what the expected outcomes should be. Plans allow actions to become automated if you stick to the plan. More importantly, a plan is a learning tool; a tool we use to set paths toward a goal. It is a tool that allows us to veer to the right because after DOING we see that veering to the right clarifies our goal, gives room to respond to obstacles, or may catapult us beyond our original thinking. We can look back at what we expected to do and what we actually did and compare outcomes.  There it goes….”what we actually did”.

What did you do? Did you walk past that board of goals every day and continue in the same routine? Or, did you email your updated resume and cover letter to the manager after your college friend made the introduction? Did you bring enthusiasm to your job this week? Did you walk past the candy aisle and say, “No, not today, Satan. That ain’t nothing more than an attack on my money and my waistline”? We all have goals. It’s what we do that determines if those goals hit reality.

At some point, you just have to get on with it. We need those closest to us, the ones with which we share our goals, hopes, dreams, and passions to tell us to do. That’s the support needed until doing becomes habit. Find the people who…

  • Listen to your plan.
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Look you in the eyes to say, “Do it now.” “I’m checking on you to see where you are in your plan.” “What the hell? We talked about this. Why are you still talking? Do it.” “You’re in your own way. Just start.”

“Just start.”

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