Just Do It

Action is the bridge between thought and achievement. There’s something that has been nagging you, something you know you should have done or should be doing.

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, should be your muse today. Think about the one thing you have been putting off.

Starting a business?

Upgrading your job?

Losing 20 pounds?

Obtaining a degree?

Traveling for a family vacation?

It is impossible to be victorious at something you never even try to do.  

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. It could be a matter of mental inertia and getting your mindset in the right direction. It could be a matter of talking to the right person or getting a little more encouragement. It could be your level of preparedness. Whatever the hold-up has been, take one small step in the direction of victory and make a move today. Say “peace” to inaction.

Make that call.

Update your resume.

Choose the glass of water.

Research schools.

Fill out the passport paperwork.

If you need help with deciding the next step or an encouraging coach, contact The Real 8 Team for more information on how we help people “Get it done.”

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