Small Step to Change

Tools: Your “I resolve”, a decision, sneakers

We’re are three weeks into 2017, and I’m no longer seeing my social media full of resolutions or even updates for that matter. Most of those declarations are just that, declarations. Most people are back to their 2016 routines and habits. 2017 resolutions forgotten. Maybe you bit off more than you can chew. Maybe what you resolved was on a whim and doesn’t fit you now. And maybe….well maybe you just haven’t thought about it.  

The FANTASTIC news is this: It’s not too late. Now is the time to act. A small change can put you on a path to your goal. Remember TODAY is just like January 1st.

You are here.

You are breathing.

You can act!

I’ve managed to go from can’t jog for 1 minute to jogging non-stop for 30 minutes. Not because of some January 1st tradition. In November 2016, I made a decision to run a 5K in the spring and on November 26th at 6:00 AM, I  swung my legs out of bed and took a step. The next day I took another step. And before long, I was running! After 8 weeks with a total of 13 hours on the treadmill, I’m DOING it. My friends aren’t rolling their eyes as I talk about it again. I’m doing it and bringing my friends along with me. Just take a step. Decide and do it.

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