What’s in a Coach?: Opening New Doors

Feeling a little stuck?

Maybe a LOT stuck!

Ready to make some different kinds of decisions, but not sure how?

Most people fall into comfortable patterns of behavior. They get up in the morning, get dressed for work, do the daily grind and return home.  We know you want more than that!  You deserve a lifestyle that moves beyond “existence” and into purpose.

There are many ways to inspire new behavior, but seldom do you have a support to help you grow a skill set to make it stick. 

What kinds of skills help it stick?

Awareness: an investigation of self. We use our energy mapping activity to pinpoint exactly how we use our time each day.

Acknowledgement: setting up an expectation that we are aware and have a strategy to tackle our day with intention and clarity.

Action: Together, we take the first steps to align our personal missions to real daily wins. Our coaches are trained to take you through these cycles over 4 weeks of reflection and guided practice.

These 3 facets of skill building are the foundation of any new habit.  Are you aware of how you make decisions? Do you understand the underlying values that drive you unconsciously towards your daily routine?

If you want to be more, you have to make the time to open up a new door and a new opportunity. Contact us for more information to develop your plan.


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