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Your resume is a place to describe and market your work history and the assortment of skills you have acquired. In our previous blogs, we’ve covered contact information and the use of statements. Now, it’s time for the details of your work history.

Create or review a list of your work history and skills. Think and write.

If you are new to the workforce, now is the time to brainstorm volunteering efforts, leadership roles, projects, event planning, etc. If you’re not sure, include it on the list. It is much easier to edit information than to start with a blank piece of paper. In fact, even if you have been working for decades, brainstorm all jobs and projects that demonstrate your experience and skills. Think about any achievements you’ve received as well as percentages and numbers that show you are successful in your work.

Take the list you’ve created and modify your resume to highlight the most crucial experience and skills that are relevant to the job description. Not updating or optimizing your resume for the positions to which you apply will give you a disadvantage when compared to other applicants.

Yes, this means you may have several variations of your resume. Yes, this is time-consuming work.

Resumes are usually formatted in one of two ways or a combination of the two.

  1.   Arrange your work history in chronological order. Use this method if your work history shows progression of responsibility or development of skills. This is the most common method.


  1.   Group experience based on common skill sets or functions. Your work history is categorized using the skills used and developed. This method may work for you if you have jumped fields frequently, the skills are transferable, and chronological order does not create the best picture of your abilities.

Choosing the correct format, an effective layout, the best wording, and aesthetic details to create your marketing document takes time and patience. How you present the details can make the difference in whether you’re in or you’re out of the interview. Be sure your resume reflects your best self.

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