Choose Wisely: Resume Statements

First, we reviewed the most professional way for a potential employer to contact you. If you haven’t already, please read our blog post on updating contact information here. We are still at the top of your resume with the first items the recruiter or hiring manager will see. 

The next item up for consideration is the objective statement emphasizing the type of position you want.

Just say no! 

You’re applying for a specific job so the hiring manager knows the objective is to get the job that you’ve applied for. Use those precious lines for describing YOU, not the job description.

The summary statement serves a different purpose of “branding” a career. They can enhance a resume if you have extensive experience in a specific field or skill set and you plan to further your career in those. However, they’re aren’t necessary if you find yourself simply regurgitating bullet points. Summary statements require reflection.

Depending on your experience and career goals, a section highlighting your skills or developing a strong cover letter may serve you better. You should have multiple versions of your resume to highlight the experience and skills you possess. Taking the time to figure it out is necessary.

Having a coach is worth the investment of getting it right.

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