How to Set a SWAG Goal for Quick Wins

It’s 8:27 pm Sunday evening. You need to finish your project plan by Monday 8 am.  You have one sentence.

What do you do you? Starting setting up some small goals!

Back in 2004, I was introduced to the concept of  the BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goals!  It was a silly word with a memorable purpose: push yourself beyond excuses and shoot for the audacious.  It was a popular concept and as a  teacher, I eventually modified it to help my students set and surpass personal goals.

Today in this fast-paced environment, it’s more appropriate to set a slightly different kind of goal. In 2017, we can set our sights on some SWAG: Small Winnable Actionable Goals. It’s a mouthful, but easy to remember!

Let’s get back to our Sunday night  project plan. By now it is 8:31 and the clock is ticking. The first objective of SWAG is to identify a small win. In the case of the project plan the most important thing to establish are clear objectives and measurable outcomes. In the future, you won’t want to wait on a priority project, but, whatever your reason, get in formation now:

Small: Establish 3 key priorities for the project

Winnable: Outline the first steps for those priorities

Actionable: Create a collaborative project map that invites the input of others in problem solving towards…

Goals: A clearly defined project plan with focus!

SWAG- simplified is utilizing the units of a BIG goal to craft direct strategy in easy-to-use formats. Anyone can develop SWAG and we use these to help our clients achieve more and stay motivated.



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